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So, my dA account was just made January this year... Man! Kinda hard to believe I'm one of the newest members of the mega fandom family when in my mind I've been part of it my whole life. Im so happy to be part of the crew, and I mean it, it really is like a family...

Anyway! ITS TIME FOR SOME MEGA-MAS PEEPS! This year I'll be participating in the Robot Rumpus Secret Santa ! So here's my wish list!

Naturally #1 is something-ANYTHING- ElecMan.EXE related
#2 would be anything classic Elec elecla 

After that there's no real order... Im just gonna leave some bullets of characters that would be cool! You can do anything with them-just please nothing sexual or whatever... No shippy art plz!

-Tornado Man
-Elec Beast Cross
-Elec Cross
-the Hikari twins

-Gemini Spark
-Dark Rockman.EXE
-Slur vs Bass.EXE
-Bass vs Serenade
-Quick Man
-Crash Man
-Gemini Man
-Top Man
-any Mega Beast out
-Shadow Man
-Aqua Bubble Ice EXE trio
-Magic/Fire/Color/Elec.EXE WWW quatro (yes I say quatro instead of quartet, deal with it)
-Snake Man
-Zerker Mega Man

Meh, thats a pretty good chunk of stuff... that should be good. This is gonna be fun!
I already see so many friends and amazing artists joining so I'm excited!
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This is a short story Im in process of writing for creative writing. It takes place over 50 days and Im only up to day 6 but hey, tell me what you guys think!






Excitement was buzzing throughout the room. Thousands of expertly trained cadets stood firm with a confident smile plastered across each of their faces. There wasn't a single light on, but the bright screens were big enough to give the entire space a blue tint. This was it, both the end and the beginning. Behind the whirring engines of the machines ahead, men and women watched as others took their turn at a chance to beat the final school level test.

Many considered this the point of no return, or what would determine their career. This was the qualifier for the graduation test, where a cadet must prove himself in a real battle situation. Nearly 70% fail the qualifier, and of those who go on, only 2% even pass the test. After that they must be reviewed by a current pilot of the royal guard, after which he may finally become a pilot of the royal guard himself.

The countless cadets let out a simultaneous “GASP!” 

“Unit Delta 4, I repeat, unit Delta 4!”

No Response.

“Agh! We lost him!”

The cockpit on one of the simulators sprung open revealing a clearly shaken cadet nearly falling out of his seat. He had to be carried out by two bystanding medics. Normally they have no purpose, but this test was designed with such intensity to cut the pilots that wouldn’t be able to handle the intensity of the job. 

No one replaced him. Within the simulation, Delta 4 was dead. The rest were on their own.

“Captain, enemy is closing! All of us won’t reach the objective!”

The cadets watched as a drop of sweat trickled down Delta 1’s cheek. The captain always bears the fate of his squadron. His eyes shot back and forth as he searched desperately for an escape from an oncoming barrage that was sure to knock out his crew.

Suddenly an asteroid burst apart, sending an array of rocks at the enemy craft, blinding him from seeing his target without severely damaging his own craft.

“Escape through there! I’ll hold him off!”

The captain was stunned for a moment. “All units, proceed through new route! Unidentified craft, you are on a secure channel. Identify yourself!”

A light chuckle could be heard through the comms.

“Sorry I’m late captain! Delta 7 reporting for duty!”

“Yuuta? Where have you been? We’ve been getting mauled out here!”

“Well, it isn't exactly easy to get around, being a hybrid. Ah! Evade left!”

The enemy bot piloting the craft had regained his sense of direction and surprised the remaining cadets with an aerial bomb sweep. Yuuta, Delta 7, zoomed alongside the enemy, matching its speed, and used his own wing to deflect most of the bombs off course. 

“All units scatter!” Yuuta ordered, “Im getting thrown by turbulence!” 

Yuuta maxed the ship’s ignition drive, and flung himself ahead, however, the bot had a learning AI. It saved one bomb, pretending to be out of ammo. The final bomb dropped when Yuuta was flying full speed in the opposite direction. 

“No, Delta 2, evade! Evade!”

“Huh? … Ah!”

“Delta 2! Delta 2! Respond!”

The five second delay felt like an hour in the hell the pilots were at that moment.

“Urgh. This is Delta 2. The bomb was a dud, but it scraped through my oxygen tank. I’m losing air fast.”

The captains voice echoed the newfound urgency of the situation. “How much time does your oxygen tank read?”

“Six minutes.”

Before the words were finished, each pilot knew the circumstances had become dire. They silently considered the very likely possibility of them failing.

Suddenly Yuuta’s determined voice broke the silence.

“Delta 6! Link airlocks with Delta 2! I’ll provide cover fire for you to escape!”

“Are you insane? You’ll kill us both!”

Delta 6 chimed in, “Yes, and a ship to ship airlock wont work, they are meant to fit hangars and space stations.”

“Trust me. I know this will work.”

Delta 6 carefully approached Delta 2’s airlock, whilst Delta 2 reluctantly did nothing. The two crafts came closer and closer until the locking mechanisms collided.

“What are we supposed to do now, genius? Just because you're here, you think you're so smart. You're the same as any other dirty hybrid scu-“

The lock on Delta 2’s craft was blown clean off before he could finish his words. The airlocks connected, and the two crafts blasted off as one. 

“You idiot! You could've killed me!”

“Don’t you trust auto-fire more than me, Jairo?”

Yuuta smiled and began a wide curve to avoid the asteroid belt as he circled back to face his opponent. The enemy’s thrusters let out a roar as they fired up to maximum capacity. 

“Planning to ram me huh?” Yuuta muttered to himself, “well two can play at that game!”

Yuuta’s engines revved similarly to his enemy’s. The two were on a collision course amidst a field of debris.


The monotone voice echoed throughout both the simulated reality and the hall of onlooking cadets. The first to reach the objective are awarded the most points, but they would not be calculated until the end of the simulation, as the overall failure or success of the team would also impact the individual scores. 

The crowd, however, did not cheer. One pilot was dead, two successful, and five remained inside the simulation. 

“All units, head for the objective! I will provide cover fire!” Yuuta ordered.

“This is Delta 1, as captain of this squad, I cannot accept the rest of us running away while leaving you to your death!”

“Captain, you’ve done your best but staying will only make matters worse. This is Delta 8 to all units, set course to objective!”

A simultaneous “Roger!” could be heard in every comm.

The enemy ship was still on course for collision with Yuuta. They were not far from each other now. 

Yuuta continued to mutter to himself, “Come on, come on, keep coming. Just a little more.”

An alarm activated, flooding Yuuta’s cockpit with red flashing lights and a consistent “BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP.”


Yuuta jerked the ship to the left using both hands and all of his might. Simultaneously, his tail revealed itself from behind him, launching all remaining missiles at the enemy ship, who was too close to evade.

The crowd of cadets was silent. All that could be seen was a cloud of smoke and debris, spreading slowly through the darkness of space.


Seconds passed.


A full minute passed. 


The captain’s cockpit sprung open. He ran across the auditorium to where he could fully see the display. 

“Yuuta! What happened?”

Those around him were still stunned. Some silently shook their heads.

“Whoo hoo! Take that ya pilot fake!” 

Yuuta’s ship was flung from the destruction and flying full speed toward the objective. The auditorium erupted in cheers. Mouths were agape in every direction. 


Applause filled the room as Yuuta emerged from the cockpit. He didn't bother using the ladder, instead jumping to the ground, allowing his inverted legs to absorb the shock. Yuuta was the only non-human pilot in recorded history. He was a hybrid. A new species made to carry on the human race, created during a time when the humans were close to extinction. However, the humans survived. 70% of the human race was wiped out, leaving only those strong enough to survive through disease and famine. Hybrids quickly outnumbered humans in the years to come. There were many different species created in hopes of one being able to carry on when the humans died, but since they never did, the humans assumed control, claiming that the hybrids are beings created only to serve the humans. 

“Hello Yuuta.”

Yuuta’s congratulations were interrupted by a large figure behind him, leaning down to meet his ear. He whirled around immediately as he recognized the voice.

“A-admiral! Good morning sir!” he spat in surprise as he saluted the man almost double his size.

“At ease cadet. I’ve come only to offer my own congratulations.”

“Ah! Thank you sir,” Yuuta said as his muscled relaxed.

“And do look at the score board on your way out! I look forward to watching your graduation exam. You have the makings of a fine pilot.”

The admiral patted Yuuta twice on the shoulder as he took his leave. Yuuta turned and watched as he exited, then ran to the board displaying the results. 



“I- But- I came in last…”

He watched as a banner scrolled across the bottom of the screen.


“Cooperation, huh? I’ll show them what I think of cooperation! I came in first! I should be number one, not that little hybrid punk!”

“Oh no,” Yuuta let out in a soft sigh.

Yuuta was lifted off the ground by his flight jacket.

“Alright kid, why don't you just tell me? How did you get into this academy in the first place?”

“You know exactly how, Jairo! You've asked me enough times!”

“Heh, and I still don't believe you for a second…”

Jairo dropped Yuuta on the ground and proceeded to kick him in the stomach.


“The king never would’ve asked for you by name!”

“Haagk!” Jairo kicked him again.

“So what, did you cheat? Did you beg? Did you convince everyone you’re human, because I’m not convinced!”

“Hurgh! Agh! Hooagh!” 

Jairo let out kick after kick until he was satisfied. Yuuta coughed up some blood. 

“If you dare show your ugly green face at graduation, I’ll beat you so hard, nobody’ll be able to fix you,” Jairo whispered ominously as he leaned down to Yuuta’s sprawled body on the ground. 

Jairo turned his back and exited without another word.




For the second time now, all the cadets were herded into the gigantic auditorium. Testing was already in progress. Only two of the seventy-three cadets had passed so far. Yuuta, and everyone else, was beaming with excitement. Only moments remained for Yuuta to take the stage and prove to the onlooking royal guardsmen that he was worthy to join them. 

Even before the king admitted Yuuta to the Flight Academy, he dreamed of soaring into the stars, the one place that he always imagined as the very definition of freedom. The place where he could escape the constant ridicule of being what he was, and perhaps find a way to show the rest of the world that a hybrid could be just as amazing as a human.

Yuuta snapped out of his fictional daze as his name was called to step forward. It was time for his graduation test. Taking the joysticks with both hands and positioning his feet on the pedals, he allowed himself to relax for a moment, focusing on the mission rather than what the results could mean for his future. This was his chance to prove himself either worthy of the king’s selection, or just another useless life form—a waste of human DNA, as the humans would say.





Everything went black. There was no movement. No light. No sound. Yuuta couldn’t hear the ominous whispering throughout the crowd outside. 

“A power outage? Could this be…” He paused, wondering just how far he would be tested, “…part of the test?”


The hollow sound of something colliding with the metal hull echoed through the cockpit. 

“There’s no way this could be the test.”

Yuuta slid his right hand from the joystick to the switch that released the lock. As he flipped it, bits of metal fell into his hair. 


Huge, industrial sized saw blades ripped through the ceiling. Instruments like giant pliers gripped the frayed metal and pulled it outward, leaving a gaping hole. Yuuta’s arms were grabbed by a third machine that hoisted him upward and left him hanging in the air in front of a familiar face.

“Ah! Haaaah!! Agh! Hu-A-Admiral? What’s happening?”

“Im sorry Yuuta.” His angry snarl suggested otherwise. “Evidence doesn’t lie.”

“Evidence? What evidence? I haven’t done anything!”

“You had the makings of a great soldier. I am ashamed to have ever thought so highly of you. Take him away!”

Two human guards placed handheld machines on the bands suspending yuuta in the air. The bands detached from their primary device, and activated a magnetic field that could be manipulated by the guards handheld machines. They carried Yuuta’s full weight only carrying one two-pound machine each. 

Yuuta was screaming in desperation as they hauled him off.

“Admiral! I haven't done anything! Please! Admira-“ ZZZZZTT

One of the guards shoved an electric rod into Yuuta’s stomach. As he blacked out, he could faintly hear someone shouting at him. Jairo.

“Take that ‘ya filthy hybrid!”




Yuuta could hear blurred voices around him. They were all unfamiliar. He couldn't tell what any of them were saying. He didn't care. To him, they were all just sharp noise stabbing his mind relentlessly. He tried to pry apart his crusted eyelids whilst fighting the dizziness threatening to render him unconscious once again. The voices started to become clear. 

“Is he waking up?”

“Ugh, filthy beast.”

“Do you think he can hear us?”

“Did he do it on purpose?”

“What a monster!”

His eyes finally fluttered open. Slowly lifting his head, he could see countless people—all humans—staring back at him. The room went silent. He was kneeling in the center of a round room, bound to a pillar by chains. It looked like an arena. There was a small wall between him and the humans, and rising platforms of seats for them to sit. There was a single raised platform interrupting the humans outer ring. It was empty. 

A drop of blood ran down Yuuta’s forehead, into his eye, and curving around his cheek. His gaze dropped to the chains around his chest, crusted in blood. He squirmed gently in the chains. There was no slack. Chatter started again amongst the humans. Yuuta looked up at them, confused and desperate, turned his attention back to the chains and tried to force something, anything to move. He pulled them forward with his body. He jerked them sideways. He gnawed on the metal attempting to break through. The humans talk grew louder all the while, with equally rising anxiety. 


A large bearded man stepped forward from the previously empty platform. Once again, human. As he sat, the others surrounding Yuuta rose. The room slowly fell into silence. Yuuta flailed his head around; he saw nothing but faces reflecting his own gaze back into him. The bystanders sat simultaneously when the bearded man spoke,

“Now, let the court begin session,” he uttered calmly, yet loud enough for the entire room to hear in his booming voice.

“Court?” Yuuta breathed. No one heard him. They weren't meant to. 

“Hybrid species number 5, subject 700941, Yuuta.” 

Hybrids were not recorded by last name, but by species number. It only further contributed to the species discrimination.

The bearded man continued, his role still unclear to Yuuta, “You have been convicted of national treason and aid of foreign species. On account of your exceptional record with the Royal Flight Academy, your admiral requested that you be placed on trial. The king accepted this appeal. If you are proven innocent, your former status will not be returned, and you will resume life with the rest of your species…” 

Yuuta froze.

“…If guilty as charged, you will be sentenced to life in the Andromeda Prison, Sector B.”

“Sector B,” Yuuta echoed quietly, his voice trailing off.

“What is your plea?”

“Huh?” Yuuta was still in noticeable shock. His dreams were crushed. He would never fly through the stars, except perhaps to reach Andromeda.

“Your plea,” the man repeated, “Are you guilty or innocent?” His voice raised.

“I, I, what? What crime have I committed?” Yuuta’s eyes remained locked on the ground.

“Treason! As charged!” The man was shouting now. His beard flung around his shoulder as Yuuta’s gaze snapped upward to meet his. 

“But what?” Yuuta screamed. He was shaking. 

The man let out an audible sigh. “Scribe!” he called.

A short boy came running from the dark opening behind him. In his arms was a short metal bar with handles on each end. He presented it to the man who pressed a button, sliding it off into the air, and dragging behind it a holographic blue display. He clicked the air, and the hologram displayed what he told it to. 

He slid his finger upward again, this time beginning from the bottom of the display. A sudden light flooded in from the sky. The top of the room, once invisible in the darkness, was now lit by six downward-angled screens arranged in a hexagonal shape and covering the entire circumference of the wall. The same file was displayed on every screen. 

It was Yuuta. Everything was Yuuta. Every action was incredibly detailed, as if he had been on camera his entire life. His birth, his family relations, his school achievements, everything was accurately described in detail. As the bearded man scrolled on his hologram, the file scrolled in sync on the displays for all to see. He scrubbed the bar to Yuuta’s time at the Flight Academy. He read every action within the last week. Yuuta recognized and remembered it all. It was all correct. He couldn’t pick out which of these few actions could be considered illegal activity. 

“Took the Graduation Acceptance test. 8:35 P.M. 3/12/92Xネ

Returned to barracks. 9:54 P.M 3/12/92Xネ

Attended morning drills. 7:00 A.M 4/12/92Xネ

Received 1st meal 8:30 A.M 4/12/92Xネ

Distributed edible substances to unknown hybrids. 11:46 A.M 4/12/92Xネ

Arrested for previous action. 1:02 P.M. 4/12/92Xネ

Ongoing Trial. Log suspended until further notice.”

The man crushed the display back into the metal rod with his palm, and the ceiling once again went black. Yuuta was left alone in the light once again. A tear fell as he blinked into the darkness. 

“So now,” the bearded man seemed to have calmed down as he presented the condemning evidence. Yuuta realized his purpose. He acted like a judge, center stage and clearly the center of the court, but he was a prosecutor. It wasn’t the normal court. This was a special one made for cases involving hybrids. The arena-like structure was designed to protect humans from hostility. In a human court, the judge was the ultimate power. Humans are innocent until proven guilty. Hybrids are guilty until proven innocent. The prosecutor cleared his throat.

“Must I always repeat myself? Your plea?”

Yuuta’s eyes shifted back and forth. His voice came out shaky and weak, “I, no, I mean, yes, but it wasn't like that! They were kids! They were starving! I gave them one piece of bread!”
“Ah! A confession!”

“No! I mean, sort of. But how can it be wrong to give starving children food?”

“Not children! Not innocent! Foreign! Unknown! Vicious! Evil creatures, all of you!”

The three humans each to the sides of the prosecutor slowly began to nod their heads—the judges.

“Wait! If they were human, would it be a crime?”

“They were not human! Don’t attempt to twist your deeds into something favorable, you wicked beast!”

“Its the same thing!” The crowd gasped. “A child is a child. Even if hybrids were as you say, no one so young could become something so dangerous or cruel!”

“Perhaps, but children grow. Boys become men, and hybrids become monsters.”

“That’s not true!” Yuuta’s voice cracked as he slipped in the dirt. He was pressing against the chains with all his might, truly enraged by the condescending lies.

“Hmph! You disprove your very cause, boy. Look at this hostile creature! He claims we lie about their nature while he perfectly portrays the very image we believe,” He looked back down to Yuuta, who was staring back with burning hate in his eyes, “Do have a safe journey to Andromeda.”

The man directly to the prosecutor’s right stood. “We, the judges, unanimously declare the accused guilty, and sentence him to life in prison. He will reside in the Andromeda prison, Sector B. He will be transferred there tomorrow and held in the conditioning phase for one day. Court dismissed.”

The courtroom erupted with applause, a congratulations to the prosecutor and judges for removing another danger to society. It was a customary practice that served the dual purpose of sending the defendant, or “the accused” as it was called in the hybrid court, into a hyperactive emotional state. 

Yuuta, still burning in rage, was dragged out of the room. He was escorted outside, and into the dark confines of a prison transport. The airlock creaked as it shut, and pitch black engulfed all that remained inside.




The familiar creak sounded the sudden burst of light that came along with it. The ship had stopped. The destination was reached. Andromeda, located thousands of lightyears from the helios system, where the humans made their new home. Earth was nothing more than a fairy tale. 

Armed guardsmen shoved Yuuta and his fellow hybrid prisoners out into the frigid air. They could barely walk due to the foreign air composition and stronger gravity than that of their home planets. Yuuta gasped every time he filled his lungs.

This new planet that housed the Andromeda prison was less of an actual planet, than an asteroid left to the cyclonic magnetic fields of space. It was a fragment of two planets collision from long ago, repelled by opposing magnetic fields, locking it in place. The magnetic fields also make it nearly impossible to escape, even for authorized crafts. They too get stuck in the magnetic barrier, only escaping because of advanced research giving the engines a power boost that temporarily scrambles the polarity of the field. 

The hybrids were dragged into the gates of Andromeda and watched noiselessly as the massive iron structure closed behind them. They were taken through the main field, where other prisoners were passing the time. Yuuta looked around as he dragged his unaccustomed body behind his energetic gaze. Hybrids. Every single prisoner was a hybrid. The only humans in sight were the guards on duty, and even they stood far from the prisoners. Yuuta’s rage grew fine. It sharpened itself into a hatred for humanity. The very hatred he tried so desperately to destroy within himself before attending the Flight Academy. 

I was blind. How? How could I not see? Was I really just an ignorant child that saw himself as… as what? “Special?” Because I was chosen? No. I was never chosen. I was only used. I broke their rules, and they had no use for me anymore. Well, I have no use for them either.

Yuuta alone was shoved into an individual cell. It began with a thin cylindrical door, with the room extending in length rather than even proportions. This was supposedly to keep prisoners separated.

So began the “conditioning phase,” a period for incoming prisoners to adapt to their new life. It was designed as a recovery time, to grow accustomed to the new atmosphere, the gravity, and the sealed position as the bottommost caste. It was more like a zoo than a prison.


A tray slid through a small window in the door to Yuuta’s cage. With nothing to support it, it fell to the ground along with a pile of slop that spattered everywhere. Yuuta wasn’t about to eat the rotten scraps of those who had already shamed him so greatly. 

But… Then again… he thought, I don't really have the right to think of them this way. They were kind to me—while it lasted. They gave me a home instead of letting me rot; although separating me from my family, they gave me the chance to change all that, to lead by example, to show them that hybrids are everything humans are… 

His thoughts trailed off as he lost himself to his own starry gaze. The ceiling was transparent. Probably to keep an eye on us, right? Well, at least I can look at something other than these dull walls. I was given a chance… It was taken away… I probably would’ve ended up here anyway.

Yuuta got up, and ate his slop from the floor.




Yuuta’s conditioning phase ended early in the morning. He was forced awake and out of the special cell. It was easier to breathe now, but Yuuta still walked with a slight limp as he stumbled out into the main prison yard. Yet again, no human was in sight, except the stationed guards. They were standing on an elevated ring encircling the entire yard. Yuuta thought it mirrored the arena-like model of the court.

Coupled with the magnetic field and the effects of gravity, the tall outer walls would be impossible to scale. Three entrances in the shape of a triangle were all heavily guarded. 

To divide an escape in three directions? That would weaken the force of a rebellion for sure.

Yuuta continued to measure the entire premises visually. He sat alone, still, flicking his eyes in every direction. When he surveyed the last detail, he was satisfied. He had no intention of escape. Observation was a habit he fostered as a pilot. Another element of his skill was the wider peripheral vision of his particular hybrid species. They were designed to be quick and vigilant. Little did the humans know, they created the perfect mechanical operator.


Yuuta watched as hybrids simultaneously gathered at one end of the yard. Some of them ran, some even pushed others to the ground. Yuuta remained still in his small dirt crater, his gaze locked, head cocked slightly. Food.

Yuuta casually walked to the repulsive display of humans whipping the starving hybrids away, using immense amounts of strength to swallow his rage. Receiving a spoonful of goo, he returned to his crater, puzzled yet enlightened. Just yesterday, he received a pile of this “food,” yet today, a minuscule amount. Why, he did not know, but this explained the starved look in the eyes of every hybrid there before him. Eyes drooped in adults, bones were exposed in children. Half of them probably looked like that before Andromeda. Some of them had never even seen the outside world—children were born in prison, left to rot with everyone else.

The food stand was rolled out through one of the entrances forming the triangle. Some people continued to chase it and were whipped away. Yuuta watched as they were beaten. When he turned back to his own food, his eyes were met with a horde of silent children. They circled around him and begged for food. He didn't want to starve, but he had always eaten greater meals than the rest of his race. Even the smallest portions at the Flight Academy were enough to feed a family at Andromeda. 

Yuuta lowered his head and stared at the jiggling slop for a moment. Then he smiled. He divided up extremely small chunks so as to feed as many children as he could. More children gathered. There was not enough food for all of them but he smiled still, hoping to instill even the smallest spark of hope. Everything is going to be okay, he seemed to communicate with his actions. His arm was suddenly and tightly grasped, twisted, and yanked upward. 

The guard didn’t speak. The children screamed. They ran to their mothers and hid behind their fathers. The guard dragged Yuuta through the crowd, pulling his body over those who were too late to get away. Yuuta gasped for air. The abrupt collisions felt harder due to the increased gravity. Yuuta was thrown to the rocky ground and beaten by a whip wielding guard. 

Yuuta flattened himself and calmly took his punishment. He willingly committed the same crime he had been accused of in the court. If they punish me every time, so be it. I won’t stop. His thoughts were interrupted by a glint of light temporarily blinding one eye. It was coming from a machine being held by a human far away. They’re shining light at me? No… A reflection? The vague outline of a tripod became clear.

A camera? Ah!

Yuuta then realized the true purpose of Andromeda Prison. It really was more of a zoo. They put hybrids in these extreme conditions—the gravity, the air, the magnetic field, the arena, the food, the punishment, the open sky leading only to the infinite void of space—creating the perfect environment full of brewing anger and high tension, so that when one finally snaps, they can catch the full even on video, distribute it to everyone, and “proove” the hostility of the hybrid species.

Yuuta looked straight into the camera for 30 minutes straight. He took the entire punishment with a slight grimace. At the end of the day, all prisoners were called to return to their cells. Yuuta walked slowly and solemnly with the same expression. Blood dripped down his now bare back and dyed his pants a crimson red. 

It wasn’t until he returned to his cell that he wept.




The light of a thousand burning stars signaled the start of a new day. They were so close to Andromeda that their light was impossible to avoid. It was blazing hot. Yuuta walked out into the exposed air, his legs finally strong enough to support himself. It was all so monotonous. He was among so many hybrids, who he hardly came into contact with before, and yet so lonely. 


Yet again everyone rushed to the food, trying to grab all they could. Some collapsed because they couldn’t. Yuuta again walked calmly to the cart and received his food. He went back to his crater, where he was instantly surrounded by children, this time with eager smiles. Yuuta smiled back and gave them all he had. It was all so, so monotonous.

The children dispersed and Yuuta was left alone again. He sat for a long while, drawing in the fine astroid dust before him with his tail. He drew all the things he missed. He drew and erased and drew and erased until he watched a spot in the dirt suddenly turn dark. He had been crying. A tear fell onto a messy rendition of three people. Two of them were tall and one short, all with tails and joyful grins—his family.

Yuuta was still for a long while. He stared at the scrawl of a portrait, then up at the stars. Another tear dropped, soaking into the non-existent family. Yuuta slammed his tail into the ground, flinging all the dust upward and creating the ultimate erasure. He sprung to his feet and wiped a final tear from his eye. 

“So,” Yuuta started as he approached another lone hybrid, “has anyone ever though of escaping this place?”

“Shhhh! Keep yer voice down!” The once dull-looking man became suddenly paranoid.

“What? The guards are much too far to hear us. They’re only human.”

“Look ove’ there. Away from me! Don't look involved in conversation!” the man ordered.

Yuuta averted his gaze and sat somewhat relaxedly. 

“You’re talkin’ to yer self got it!”

“Okay! Okay! Can you answer my question?” Yuuta didn’t think all this was necessary, until he thought back to the day before. His muscles eased.

“A’int nobody who’d actually try to get outta here. It’s a lost cause, son.”

“But has anyone ever tried?”

“I dun know! But don't involve me, now git!”

The man poked Yuuta in the rib with his cane. Yuuta walked away and sat at a table with a large woman who kept her head down.

“Hello?” Yuuta gently inquired.

“Make sure they cant see you talking to me.”

Her hair was short, but came down long enough to block view of her mouth when her hair was down. Yuuta crossed his arms on the table and buried his face inside. The woman giggled a bit.

“Nice disguise.”

“Not good enough?” He thought it was sarcasm, something his fellow cadets would always practice in the same fashion.

“No! I meant it!” There was a touch of confusion in her voice.

Yuuta forgot that he adapted to sarcasm in human culture. Hybrids didn't understand. They were sincere.

“Oh, thank you,” he muttered shyly. He wasn't used to thanks. “So, have you ever heard of anyone trying to escape this place?”

She was silent.

“Um, hello—”

“It’s impossible.”


“You can’t escape. You’ll just die. All of us might.”

Yuuta continued to ask everyone. He was consistently turned away. His effort produced nothing. He returned to his crater.

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-who am I kidding? I was excited since the day state ended last year!-
And now I'm in this super state between the hype of the last few days and pure excitement for what I'm gonna do next year!!! 


I guess I'll just go chronologically to make this all make sense... So without further ado... SUNDAY!
It just happened to have the worst scheduling... I had to leave on my brother's birthday...

(Everybody go wish him a happy birthday!!! :iconkagedono:OMG MOAR POEMS! 

But hey, that just let me start the day with even more hype! A little celebration, a few rounds of zombies, and off I go to art!!! Loaded with like 5 sketchbooks in backpack and actually remembering sunglasses this time, I was totally prepared. All I had to do was meet my art teacher an hour early to matte the last few pieces, which I had just finished the night before... Sweating a little... 

  I'm actually still impressed that I actually finished. Halfway through Saturday, my computer crashed and I lost half of Crimson Masquerade. Luckily I had plenty of time to stay up til midnight and redo the stuff I lost lol! But everything turned out perfectly fine and we left with a bus full of the Academic Team, Speech and Debate Team, and of course the Art Team, along with all our explosive hype!!!

Heres a pic of everybody hangin' on the way... We actually had a really nice bus, and many thanks to our awesome bus driver!

Untitled by ErekiSaiko

So yeah, most of Sunday was just the trip... And a very philosophical dinner among the Art Team...

Somebody brought up something about angels and free will, and we got into a heated debate where we were all looking up Bible verses and that somehow went into color being infinite and then since water was infinite and water is transparent but water is blue then what is blue, so blue must not exist, or maybe everything is blue, and then we started singing I'm blue, and the Tardis is blue, and considering I'm wearing blue 99.9% of the time then I'm blue, so do I exist or not, but wait what about the angels again... What race are angels, or are they blue? The pickles aren't safe!!!


Yeah, that was dinner. XD 
Best. Dinner. Ever.


Anyway, back to the art...
Monday morning! Away we go to the Waco Convention Center! Where the entire state of Texas is pitted against each other in a tournament of wits, words, and brush strokes! 
Slider-waco-conv2-1-1 by ErekiSaiko

We spent most of the day just waiting... Until 2:00 when I was scheduled for my event.
But wait! The results for the video category had just been posted that morning!!!


One win down, and off I go to seek and sketch! There are about 17 categories of art in TAPPS, 2 of which (well, sort of 3) are events taking place there, while the others are pieces submitted that were done throughout the rest of the year. 

Here's how it works...
The schools throughout the state are divided into districts based on size. As I go to one of the larger ones, my school is part of the 5A division. This is also usually where the most competition is, more fun for me! For each category, 1st through 8th place is determined, along with 2 HMs (Honorable Mentions). Honorable Mention is still a huge deal! It means that even on the state level, the piece was being considered as one of the best! 1st through 3rd of course get shiny medals then, and the others get slightly less shiny ribbons. XD 
The categories are:
  1. Drawing- Black and White Media
  2. Drawing- Color
  3. Communication Design (This is like posters and stuff. Anything with words really)
  4. Computer Rendered Art
  5. Painting
  6. Printmaking/2D Mixed Media
  7. Photography- Black and White
  8. Photography- Color
  9. Sculpture/Relief
  10. Fashion/Jewelry/Textile Arts/Applied Design
  11. Pottery/Ceramics/Plastic Arts
  12. Senior Portfolio
  13. On-Site Drawing (One of the events. A table is set up with a ton of trinkets and you are given 2 hours to draw whatever you want.)
  14. Art History (This was taken online before going to Waco. I competed here too. We had to memorize 40 Paintings along with their artists, country of origin, some backstories, dates, time periods, etc. I got a 77% on the test and didn't place but my friend got a 98% and got 2nd!)
  15. Seek&Sketch- Black and White (this was my event... I'll explain more momentarily)
  16. Seek&Sketch- Color
  17. Short Film (Divided into 17a, 17b, and 17c. Narrative, Documentary, and Animation)

So those are the categories, now back to the story...
I was put in Seek and Sketch Black and White. Whereas in onsite, you are only allowed to use graphite and only allowed to draw objects in the still life within the two hours, in Seek and Sketch, you MUST stay outside the entire 2 hours, and must not have any people in the final drawing... Other that that, you can do just about anything. You can use any medium (as long as it fits either black and white or color, depending on the event). 

So... I did a fire hydrant. I figured it would give me some nice shadows and stuff, and when I wasn't getting quite what I wanted, I pulled out some pastels and started shading away... and then it looked flat so i was like, Charcoal! And then there wasn't enough detail so I went back and forth between pencil and charcoal, occasionally blending out some more pastel and erasing to get those nice crisp edges, and by the end of my 2 hours I was pretty satisfied.

...So here's the comparison... (and remember the sun was being evil and kept changing my lighting... Beware, more evil sun to come)

Seeknsketch by ErekiSaiko

*I messed with the levels a little to make it easier to see cuz it was really bright outside
The sun was even reflecting so bright off my paper that I had to put my sunglasses on to draw, but since I couldn't see the hydrant very well then, I was basically going bifocal... Looking at the hydrant above my glasses and then looking down into the shades to draw.

:sunglasses: revamp 

Every time, that stupid hydrant looks awful in pictures lol. It looks pretty great in person but it just doesn't look good otherwise...
Nonetheless, I TOOK 4th IN SEEK AND SKETCH!!!! WOO! :squee: 

Despite that excitement though... Well, I did warn about the evil sun...
Untitled by ErekiSaiko
Untitled by ErekiSaiko
IT EVEN BECAME A SMILING SUNBURN OF EVIL. Smiley soleil - Sun Sun Glomp Angry Sun :sunburned 

And of course what comes next involves waiting in the sun...
So after some painful waiting, we finally entered this beautiful room...
Untitled by ErekiSaiko
...and although it looks like a bunch of tables and a line here (cuz it is...)...
Untitled by ErekiSaiko

And I'm not exaggerating, I was checking that night and the next morning until they were posted.

It's kinda become a tradition between me and my friends that we just go row by row checking out the art and taking pictures of some of the ones we really love. So before I reveal the final results... I might as well show off some of the competition right! *Just note, I'm not posting it to advertise it as my own or anything, I'm posting it as a genuine celebration of all the amazing artists that I got to compete against. I appreciate everyone that was there!

Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko Untitled by ErekiSaiko

Aren't some of these just super cool!? Up against all of these were my pieces...

Fukuryuu by ErekiSaiko Crimson Masquerade by ErekiSaiko SPOILER WARNING!!!! by ErekiSaiko les mis SAFE by ErekiSaiko
*crossed out my schools address in that blank space at the bottom of the Les Mis poster...

With all of those plus my animation, art history, and this-

Seeknsketch by ErekiSaiko

-that's 7 things entered total... Only TWO of them DIDN'T place!
Any guesses as to which?


Ok wait, let's have some more fun. Out of the 5 winning pieces, their places were 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and HM...

Any guesses? Which piece placed where?

You already know two of them If you've read the whole thing... Remember? 3rd in animation and 4th in seek and sketch... 

Oh, and I also said I didn't place in art history, so that's one more ruled out, leaving only my actual pieces... And that means that only one of those 4 pieces didn't make it...

Still can't guess? Or do you already know? The answer isn't that surprising, but the other results totally surprised me.



Fukuryuu by ErekiSaiko

Crimson Masquerade by ErekiSaiko

Seeknsketch by ErekiSaiko


[other short film winners]
(I haven't even watched these yet so I'll be coming back to this too!)
:D (Big Grin) 

LES MISÉRABLESles mis SAFE by ErekiSaiko

Untitled by ErekiSaiko

I really am completely surprised that Les Mis took the top while Fukuryuu took bottom... I really would of thought it to be opposite! But hey, art is subjective and that's just how it works... And I don't mind! Seeing other amazing pieces that did better than mine only gives me the chance to look at the little things they did and improve through my observations. Between that, and having fun with my friends, how much better could this trip have gotten!? Sure, I got two shiny medals and a few ribbons... Certainly tons of bragging rights and more compliments and congrats than I can count, but what really matters is the fun we all had and the memories we made together!
At the end of the tournament, TAPPS awards a certain amount of points for each place... So say, 1st place wins 10 points, 2nd wins 8, 3rd wins 6... I don't really remember the exact amounts... It kinda becomes like Hogwarts from there. The points all go to the school and whichever school has the most points in the end is considered the champion. I won a total of 20 somethin points... (don't remember :P) In the end, we took 3rd as a school!!! And that's a huge deal because we've never placed as a school in art before! 

...and so here I sit. Happiness, medals, ribbons, and sunburn. I can't wait til next year!!!

:squee:Winner Boogie! I'm on fire! 


  • Listening to: random stuff
  • Reading: homework :P
  • Watching: myself type
  • Eating: pickles

I just had to post this! I wrote this little short story in 8th grade and I'm still in love with it. I still plan on someday fixing it up and filling in all the holes I had to cut out. (...and I still got deducted points for it being too long! Sweating a little... ) Warning, I haven't done ANYTHING to this. It is the original work from when I was 13 or 14 and some of the writing is definitely cringe-worthy.


Now without further ado...


    “S-so c-c-c-cold,” he said as he woke up in the darkness. He was confused. He didn’t know what was happening, and he couldn’t remember anything. He knew only simple things. Eat, sleep, stay alive... A light appeared and interrupted his thoughts. A small, green, glowing dot stood before him in the darkness. He wondered of its existence as more appeared, and seemed to resemble some kind of code. By their light, he could finally see what he looked like. He was wearing a blue jacket, with a black undershirt running down to his elbows. He had on long shorts, below the knee, and standard tennis shoes. He felt disappointment that he could not see his own face. He watched as the green orbs slowly moved into designated places, then began to close in on him. He felt a sense of fear, but did not close his eyes. He watched curiously as they penetrated his skin. A surge of knowledge immediately made itself known within his mind. He felt like he existed for the first time, although he could tell he was somewhere in his teenage years, 14 maybe. He knew the basics of human life. He knew of objects, and places, and hobbies, but deep in his mind he knew that he had never experienced such things in his life. This was his beginning, the place his existence truly began. His thoughts were interrupted yet again, as he lost all sensation.

    He was falling, he knew, as he regained his senses, yet he had no fear. Curiosity overcame him, as he thought about what had just happened. “I was just created, and now I plummet to my death?” he thought, as he fell. Fear swept itself into his mind, as he thought about the damage that would be done at a fall of this height. The wind charged itself into his eyes. He shut them tightly to block it out, hoping someone could save his life. He knew no one would come. How could anyone catch him at the speed he was falling? This was the end.

    He heard voices. “What just happened?” “Who’s that guy?” “Did we do something wrong?” He slowly opened his eyes and peered around. He was in a small village with a crowd of people staring at him. He knew it must be a poor town, as the buildings were made of scrap materials, and most people’s clothing was worn and tattered. “What just happened?” he said, expecting the crowd to know. They only muttered to themselves. “Do you think he’s a glitch?” “I don’t know.” “Well he dresses like a glitch. What’s with the goggles?” He heard the remark and turned to look at his reflection in the water of the small broken fountain. He did wear goggles, up on his head. His dark green hair formed around them, the front under them and the back rising over them. He had amber, almost Asian eyes, while having a slightly pale skin-tone. He was relieved to finally see his face. He glanced back at the mass of people, who had an obvious look of guilt on their face, as if they had said too much. A younger man stepped forward from the crowd. “Alright, just tell us. Are you a glitch or not?” 

“I don’t know?”he said. 

“Do you even have a name?”the young man asked. 

“I don’t know that either. I don’t even know what just happened, or why you’re all staring at me.” 

“You just appeared dude. Poof. Right there. Only a glitch could do that.” 


 “Yep. You must be. We must’ve done something wrong,” the man said,”Come on. Follow me.”


“Hey Glitch!” the man yelled, “keep up dude!” The name had become kind of customary for him, and he liked it. “Sorry,” Glitch said, “so who are you anyway?” 

“Me?” he said, “I’m Takeru. I kinda just help out around the village back there. Nothin’ special.” “But you act like a leader. You didn’t act scared of me like the others did,” Glitch said. Takeru gave him a confusing glance. 

“So who are you?” he asked. 

Depression spread across Glitch’s face at the remark.

 “That’s the thing,” he said, “I don’t know.” 

“But you have to know who you are!” Takeru exclaimed, “How can you not know who you are?” “Don’t ask me,” Glitch said, “I just poofed out of nowhere.”

 “Then you’ll just have to make yourself who you are,” said Takeru sympathetically. 

Glitch said nothing in response. He could only wonder of where he came from.

    Glitch wondered where they were walking. They had just finished climbing another mountain, when he noticed the view at the peak. Glitch stood in amazement at the beautiful rolling valleys, rich vegetation, and regal mountains. “This is our world,” Takeru said, “too bad we don’t even know if it’s real or not.”

“What do you mean?” Glitch asked.

“I mean this whole thing might just be data. We live in a virtual world. No true purpose,” Takeru said, “that’s why everyone thinks you’re a glitch.”

“I thought they just meant I was different,” Glitch muttered, as he thought his whole existence could just be an error.

“Who knows?” Takeru said, “We don’t know anything about our world anyway...” He trailed off, as if he felt like he himself was a glitch.

“There must be someone who knows about this place!” Glitch cried with determination.

“Well, I don’t know,” Takeru said with a small spark of hope, “there might be.”

“Who,” Glitch said softly.

“The Elders.”

“Can we talk to them?” Glitch asked intently.

“Sure, I guess. I’ll take you there,” Takeru said.

    Takeru led the way through intricately twisted caves through the mountain. There wasn’t much light except that reflecting off of the many crystals. It was like a mysterious dungeon of which Glitch marveled at. He wondered how a virtual world could be so- so real. He had just came to this world, and yet he felt like he had been friends with Takeru for as long as he could remember; like this world was his. 

    As they traveled on their quest, the two became inseparable friends, partners. They travelled through numerous landforms, and saw many exotic animals on their journey. They also talked to pass the time. Takeru taught Glitch about the world he was now destined to live within. Yet every time they talked about him being a glitch, he noticed Takeru steered himself away from it. “Do you think I’m a glitch, Takeru,” Glitch finally had to ask.

“I told you dude, I don’t know enough to tell you that,” Takeru said suspiciously.

“Then why do you always run away from the conversation?” Glitch pursued.

Takeru gave him a surprised look. 

“Look, do you want to know who you are or not.”

“I do. But I want to know who you are too.”

“I do too,” Takeru said, and walked ahead.

    Glitch didn’t run to catch up to him. He could only think as a result of the intense conversation. Did Takeru not know who he was as well? Did he know who Glitch was? Who was he? And why did he act this way? “Here we are,” Takeru said, as he stood on the hill overlooking a city with small surrounding villages, “that big building in the middle of the city is where you want to go to find the Elders.”

“You’re not coming?”

Takeru shook his head. “My village needs me. I have to go back.”


“Don’t Glitch. Just don’t. Go find out who you are. I’ll make my own destiny,” he said as he walked away. Glitch stared as his mysterious friend left. He stood as Takeru disappeared into the darkness, then eventually left to continue his journey alone. 

    He had just walked within the vicinity of the city when he heard a rustling in the trees. He stopped walking to stare up it’s trunk. “Hiiiiiiiyyaahhhhhh!” A boot kicked into his back, and he was knocked into the dirt. “Ha! He’s not so tough!” a man’s voice exclaimed as he jumped down from the very tree Glitch was staring at.

“Not as long as he’s under my foot.” This time it was a female’s voice.

“Hehe... Who do you think he is? Never seen him around here before.”

“Hmm... I wonder...”

“What do you mean, Hikari?” 

So that was the girl’s name.

“I mean what if he’s the one.”

“Oh... Well, the Elders were just awakened. He could be...”

“Well! Let’s take him to the Elders already! Quit standing around! Move it! Get the chains!”

Glitch’s arms were almost immediately bound. He was moved along by the girl, Hikari as her partner called her, and led by the man. He was confused at the fact that they were leading him exactly where he wanted to go. “So why are you taking me to the Elders again?”

“You’re a glitch,” Hikari accused.

“What if I’m not?”

“I guess we’re about to find out.”

    They had arrived at the appropriate building. It was more fortified than Glitch had imagined, and more modern than the surrounding buildings. The man took off one of his black gloves and placed his hand on an electronic pad in the wall. The pad blinked with approval as the door slid open. Some of the citizens stared as Glitch was led into the dark interior of the building. The door sealed itself shut behind them.

    They walked through the dimness until they reached a brighter, tall, circular room. A balcony encircled the entire room, in which sat older gentlemen dressed in traditional Japanese kimonos. 

“Elders, I present to you whom is assumed to be the glitch,” Hikari spoke up to them. The man seated in the middle stepped forward.

“Your assistance is appreciated,” he said, “you are dismissed.”

Hikari and her parter simultaneously bowed and quickly left the room. Glitch was left alone, still in chains, to let his fate be decided.

“Young man,” another Elder said, “would you mind telling us who you are.”

“I was hoping you could tell me,” Glitch answered. 

He could hear gasps from the crowd of Elders, as if he had astounded them. He had violated their respect. Should this have been an open court, the Elders’ reputation would be ruined.

“You dare use sarcasm against us boy!”an Elder on the right said.

“I’m sorry, but I mean it. A friend told me you might be able to tell me who I am.”

“He is no friend of yours here,” the leftmost Elder stated, “tell me boy, do you have any idea who we are?”

“You are the Elders.”

“Hai. And do you know our purpose?”


“We are here to keep this world running smoothly. We awaken when we sense a glitch and then...” the Elder trailed off.

“What! What is it?” Glitch exclaimed.

Another Elder finished for him, “We destroy it.”

Fear pushed itself into Glitch’s mind. “Does that mean...”

“I’m afraid so boy,” the lead Elder said, “It is for the best.”

    Glitch would’ve allowed this. If only he didn’t feel somewhere deep within himself that he was meant for more. He had to be more than just another glitch. He felt it in his code. Yet he could only stand still, as a result of shock and fear.

“Goodbye young man,” an Elder to the right said, as a swirling vortex opened reaching to grab his very code.

“No! You can’t!”

The voice slapped Glitch, as if to wake him up.

“Hikari! Daisuke! What is the meaning of this!” the lead Elder said harshly.

“He’s not a glitch!” Daisuke shouted.

“Help me get these chains off!” cried Hikari.

The chains quickly fell to the floor.

“Now! Run!”screamed Daisuke, her partner.

    As they began to run, Glitch was stopped almost immediately. He could feel an extreme force of suction. As it pushed itself around his body, It also pushed deeper. Straight into his code. He was about to pass out due to the suction, when he was knocked to the floor. 

    Daisuke had pushed Glitch out of the vortex’s reach, but at a terrible price. The vortex had reached Daisuke’s code.

“Run!” cried Daisuke, “Don’t worry about me.”

“But Daisuke-” Glitch was cut off.

“No! I’ll be okay. Now go! Run! I’ll be fine...” he trailed off as the vortex absorbed him.

“Daisuke!” Glitch screamed as Hikari pulled him along, away from the crumbling structure.

“Glitch! Listen to me! You need to rest. You’re in no condition to run anymore,” said Hikari.

“I have to. If I don’t then who am I?” he answered.

“Who do you think you are? You just defied the Elders, and the whole world for that matter, and somehow you got me into this. You made me defy everything I am.”

“Then who are you?”

“Ugh. You don’t even know the Prophecy do you?”


    Hikari nodded. “The Glitch Warrior shall destroy the Glitch Who Destroys. I was going to be the Glitch Warrior. It’s what I’ve trained my whole life for.” She turned angrily at Glitch. “Until you had to come along and make me save you! How can I ever become the Glitch Warrior now...”

“Maybe you were just never meant to be the Glitch Warrior.”

“Don’t talk to me like that. I’ve had enough emotional disturbances today.”

“What do you mean?” Glitch asked.

“Daisuke was my brother okay. And for some reason he saw something in you that was enough for him to save you...” Her voice faded, as she started to walk again.

    Glitch said nothing more, but he was curious of this world. He didn’t understand their ancient methods, and saw no use of them. All he knew was that he had to find out who he was, figure out where he came from, how he got here, something! His nerves were tense as they headed onward.

“This is a long route,”Hikari finally said, “where are we headed?”

“I’m going to pay a visit to an old friend,”he answered.

    Glitch led the way, as he knew exactly where he was going. He led over mountains, between hills, and through crystalline caves. He payed no attention to the fascinating views, as determination was the only emotion in his face. He knew exactly where he was going. 

“This is it,” Glitch said unenthusiastically, overlooking the very village he had first appeared in, “wait here.”

    He ran down the steep hill, and through thick vegetation like it never existed. He ran quietly along the outskirts of the village as if stalking his prey. When he found the correct position, he dashed into the village, headed straight for his target. He bolted through the thin wooden door.

“Takeru,” Glitch said menacingly, “we need to talk.”

“What? Glitch? What are you doing? Get away from me!” 

Takeru bursted out the back door and started through the village toward the hill Hikari was waiting on. 

“Takeru!” Glitch shouted as he ran after him.

    Takeru had made it a bit uphill when Glitch tackled him. “Get off of me!” Takeru shouted.

“Then tell me why you sent me to the Elders!” Glitch shouted as he inched off of Takeru.

“What are you talking about?”

“You knew the Elders delete glitches! You know I’m a glitch! How can you say that you’re my friend? How?”

“I’m sorry Glitch. Really. I try to be good. But when you started messing with my emotions, my other nature kicked in.”

“What other nature?”

“I’m sorry Glitch,” Takeru said, as an electric current swept itself through Glitch’s body at Takeru’s fingertips, “I’m sorry.”

“Glitch? Glitch are you awake? Hello?”

Hikari was a welcoming sight after the last night.


“Hi. The Elders are waiting for you. They say they need to talk to you. I’m sorry Glitch, there’s no getting out of this one.”

“That’s okay. I need to talk to them too.”

A look of shock spread across Hikari’s face. “What? What are you talking about? They’ll delete you!”

“No. Hikari. Daisuke was right. I’m not the glitch the Elders are looking for.”

“How do you know?”

“I know everything now Hikari. Everything I was originally programmed to know. We have to save the world.”

“But everything is fine. The only problem is between you and the Elders,” Hikari pleaded.

“Not this world,” Glitch said with a strong sense of determination, “the real world.”

“You are still due for an execution, boy,” an Elder said as Glitch stood before them.

“No, I’m not.”

“You dare defy us yet again!” an Elder on the right shouted.

“I never defied you.”

“Outrageous! How can you say such things boy!”

“Because he’s not a glitch!” Hikari walked beside him. “Go on, tell them,” she whispered.

“Thank you,” he whispered back.

“What is the meaning of this!” an Elder shouted.

“I’m not the glitch you’re looking for!”

“How do you know this?” the lead Elder asked.

“Someone attempted to scramble my code,” Glitch explained, “but it was only put back in order.”

The Elders listened intently at this.

“I was programmed to save all of you! You’ve all been mislead! The real glitch has been living among you all this time! I know who your glitch is-” The Elder cut him off.

“No. The Glitch Who Destroys...”

“The glitch. The glitch is...” He was almost afraid to speak the name. “Takeru.”

“The destruction of our world has begun,” the Elder stated.

“Elders! We can stop this!” Hikari pleaded.

“Hai. We must,” an Elder to the left said, as he jumped from his position in the balcony, “And we must help you.” Each Elder jumped to help Glitch, all landing on their feet like a cat as they came down.

“We have to get back to the village!” Glitch shouted, as he took off running.

“No!” the lead Elder shouted, “If he is going to destroy our world, he will have gone to Virtual Tower. It is the source of our direct interaction with the other world. If it is destroyed, all is lost.”

“Have faith Elders. Glitch will save us,” Hikari said reassuringly.

“C’mon Hikari! We gotta get to that tower!” Glitch shouted.


    They ran. They ran as fast as they could to save both worlds, never losing sight of the tower. It was still quite far away, but Glitch felt a certain power within him. A feeling of determination and hope all mixed up inside of him. He knew he could defeat Takeru. He felt so deep within his code.

“Glitch! We can’t make it! We have to rest!” Hikari cried from behind him.

They had been running for hours.

“Hikari we can’t! The world rests on our shoulders!”

“I’m sorry Glitch. I can’t go any farther.”

“Then rest. But I have to go,” he said as he started again.

“Glitch!” Hikari yelled to him, “be careful okay!”

    He turned to wave and kept running. He had to wave, as he knew it might be his last goodbye. This was it. The final battle was approaching. He was the Glitch Warrior, and he was not afraid. He just made it to the peak of a mountain, on which rested Virtual Tower. It was supported by five column-like structures: one in the middle and on each corner. They then led up to the main tower. There was no inside. He had to climb.

    He chose one of the outer columns to begin his climb, as it was slanted like that of a semi-steep hill. When he reached the main tower the climb against the vertical slope increased the difficulty. Although the odds were against him, he had hope. He would reach Takeru, and he did.

“Takeru!” Glitch yelled, “Stop this now!”

“I can’t Glitch! Ha! I’m a glitch!”

“You don’t have to be Takeru!” Glitch reasoned, “I didn’t...”

“Glitch you’re different. I- I’m- the Glitch Who Destroys...”

“Do you know who I am?”

Takeru gave him an evil glare.

“I’m not a glitch. I’m the Glitch Warrior Takeru! I don’t want to have to destroy you!”

“Don’t postpone the inevitable.”

“Then you leave me no choice.”

    The two stood there for a long period of time. Glitch didn’t want to destroy whom he knew was truly his friend. Takeru’s mind fought over what to do. He wanted to reject the glitch side, but it pushed through. Takeru made the first strike. 

    The battle dragged on forever. By the time Glitch started getting tired he could see distant mountains dissolving into code. The code floated up into unknown space, where Glitch had come from. He had many bruises, and almost could fight no longer when the power came to him. The very electricity Takeru had struck him with the night before had welled up inside of him, ready to strike. He waited for Takeru, as he came charging, his fist raised as if he would put all his power into the final attack. Glitch would as well. He struck Takeru, straight in the heart, as if to change him; reveal the friend Glitch knew was inside. Takeru was knocked out at the force of the blow.

“Takeru? Are you awake?”

It was Glitch. They were in the Elders’ building. Takeru was lying on a small mat in the center of the room. Both Takeru and Glitch had many bandages from the previous evening. 

“Why?” Takeru asked hoarsely, “Why am I still here?”

An Elder stepped toward them. “Because your friend, Glitch here, begged us not to delete you. He believed you had changed.”

“Glitch?” Takeru was weak.

“Yeah. I’m here buddy,” Glitch said with relief.

“Glitch. Your name. Your real name-” Glitch cut him off.

“It’s Glitch, Takeru. I don’t want to know.”

“I’m sorry... I... have to... leave... you... now...”

“Takeru? What are you talking about?”

“I- I can’t stay... Glitch...” Takeru explained, “I’ll... only destroy... the world... again...”

“But Takeru, you can’t just die. You can’t” 

A tear ran down Glitch’s cheek.

“I’m... sorry... my friend...”

    Those were Takeru’s final words. Glitch kneeled in shock. He couldn’t move. He had just lost his best friend in this world. But he had to live on. He had saved this world, and now he knew he had to stay to protect it. Where else could he go? This was now the world he was destined to live in, but he would never recover from the loss of Takeru.

    “I’ll never forget you buddy!” Glitch cried, as tears poured down from his eyes. Takeru dissolved into code and disappeared forever.

The End

So yeah! There's Glitch! ....Oh, and here's the drawing that I submitted with it. I guess I elongated everything to the extreme back then =P (Razz)  

Glitch colored by ErekiSaikoGlitch full sketch by ErekiSaiko

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I've discovered that I have this habit of constantly taking pictures throughout my traditional artwork process. It actually comes in handy quite a bit, especially when I mess up... hehe. Anyway, these random pictures of unfinished artwork are just cluttering up my drives so I figured I'd archive em here... Might as well share a bit about the process while I'm at it! elecla 

Step 1:
Untitled by ErekiSaiko
Can ya tell what it is already?! That's right! Fukuryuu! (I feel like Dora right now lol) I'm sure you can already see some major differences cuz, well, I made a TON of mistakes on this piece. The first of which was the very first mark i made on the page- that little flower on the right side of her kimono, just under the bow. I don't know why I started there, it just felt like a good spot... I just wish I chose the left one instead... I was SO happy with that wood. I thought it would look really bad because it's really just a bunch of lines but from a distance, it looked exactly how I wanted! I was also really happy with my last minute descision to use a very red-brown to kinda reflect the pink. After all of that and then succeeding with that beautiful topographical water I wanted... I was really falling in love with this piece. (And i was just figuring out how to blend correctly!)

Step 2:
Untitled by ErekiSaiko
...It still hurts just to look at it... THE HAIIIIIR!!! I MESSED UP ON THE HAIIR!!!! THIS is exactly what I meant when I said I couldn't blend. Where I could have just blended the darker yellow using a lighter yellow on the dragon's scales, I used the colorless blender... WHICH WAS A BIG MISTAKE! The black ink from her hair bled everywhere... So I tried to cover it with more hair and just RUINED THE SHAPE! Ugh... It was awful... I spent a good two days feeling miserable about it and trying to figure out some way to fix the sudden tragedy... Eventually my art teacher came over and put a post it note over it and told me just to ignore it for then... hehe... Yeah... It was hard since I was loving this piece so much and then It just felt like it all broke apart... but I kept going... Now begins the looooooonnnnggg, slllloooooooowwww process of blending literally everything the WRONG way, breaking so many blenders...

It just makes me realize how essential this piece was in my journey as an artist because it taught me so much. How to blend... How to make the best of mistakes that I've Never made before... And of course, THAT DRAGONS ARE STILL THE BEST THING TO DRAW!!! XD

Step 3:
Untitled by ErekiSaiko
That beautiful background scenery definitely restored my faith... I never really do bkds and I was kinda just gonna splash some color and see what happens but I ended up planning each little cliff face and I think it looks pretty nice... Although... It did get waaaaay too tropical. Not that it doesn't kinda-sorta work. This is the point when all my friends were asking what her luck was/ what she wishes for or whatever, so I kinda just made it up... Like eh... I guess she wanted to revive the nature or whatever... I guess this is where I decided that the dragon was finished too... I know I was trying to make sure that it still looked white instead of grey in some places, but... wow, it looks like so much blank space going back... Maybe it's just because I've really been focusing on value lately... As you will see later in this journal :)

Step 4:
Untitled by ErekiSaiko
It took me so long to decide on the sky... I knew I wanted some red to make it look all "land of the rising sun" but I didn't know just how much I wanted or if I wanted a dark or light sky or whatever... I just needed to fix the contrast at this point. I almost cut out the clouds at the top too, but I felt like then it would throw off the whole balance of the piece. Of course i just had to lose track of my lines and mess up again... -_-; They aren't the clouds I originally planned, but hey, they're clouds. They aren't supposed to be predictable. And it's not like they were ruined...They just became something new.

Step 5:
Untitled by ErekiSaiko
AHHH!!! YES! The darker value I desire!!! It's about time! Seriously, when I do something in pencil, the first value that goes in is the ebony or the 9B- the absolute DARKEST shade, and then spread out from there... With markers, although I absolutely adore them, I hate the way I work with them sometimes... You have to go in with the lighter values first... I don't know, it just bugs me. Lighter shades feel so unfinished.. Although I understand that there are more layers to come, it's SO ANNOYING how many people are like, "Wow! Great drawing! But the coloring looks awful! Is it really done?" NO! Its not done! ... I could rant on this forever... It gets to be so annoying after awhile... At least when you get those super dark shades in there, It looks like a work in progress and you start to get some really nice and defined forms...

Step 6:
Luck Dragon by ErekiSaiko

Theeere we go! I debated far too long on those last few details that really make it shine! I put some defined scales in the white areas to get some shading and other values, and reflected the blue water aaaall the way up on those clouds. I went back and darkened up a little of the dragon's fuzz too! -And well.. since I scanned it in... Might as well fix that awful hair right >:D VENGEANCE IS MINE!

In the end... despite all those mistakes and junk... I powered through and still ended up with a really pretty piece. (I love contrast so much!) And I learned even more about using markers!

Now on to my next piece for school! Where I'm implementing my own characters into the assignment! Check it out! I figured out blending! And I'm planning on a really pretty mixed media piece- and doing that homework... heheSweating a little... 
Untitled by ErekiSaiko
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